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Esca Vitae (and Why I Love Midtown)

April 12, 2017 0 Comments

We have been having some amazing weather. The clear blue skies and the bright yellow sun…they are just begging me to stay outside all day long. The breeze has been light and the evenings have been delightfully inviting. I’ve been enjoying every moment of my runs, eating all my meals outside, chatting on the porch long past dark, and going on extra long walks. 

Last week I told y’all about how much I love living in a walkable area, with the many shopping and dining options in Uptown 23rd close by. Well, I didn’t really tell you how spoiled I truly am. Not only are we close to Uptown 23rd, we are also a short walk away from Midtown.

Midtown is a friendly district, just north of downtown OKC. From Revolucion to the west (give me all of the Mexican food and bright atmosphere) to Bleu Garten and Packard’s to the east (I love any opportunity to eat and drink outside!), the district is an integral part of the revitalization of the urban core of Oklahoma City. It is home to many unique shops, restaurants, and bars. It is the best of what an urban neighborhood has to offer. With sidewalk seating outside of restaurants, as well as outdoor events and festivals (who is excited for Midtown Walkabout?!), Midtown easily creates a pedestrian-friendly district.

On my latest walk through Midtown, I was on a mission! I scurried past Hank’s and Mode, but thought I might pop in on my walk back. I ducked my head as I passed Waffle Champion, for fear that I’d be tempted to dart in when there wasn’t a line around the block. (I love waffles more than most people, but I refuse to stand in line for an hour before breakfast, more importantly before coffee…but I’m not above waking up early on a Saturday to beat the rush.)

My stomach growled as I imagined the Florentine Waffle Sandwich with Bacon that was clearly waiting for me, just inside.

I continued on past 1492, Stella (delectable Italian! I could go for pasta…), and the Ambassador. Crossing the street to pass Café do Brasil, I thought about the delicious Romeu and Julieta paired with a Malbec Rose. And, one must have a caipirinha to finish. How many dinners was I allowed to have tonight…?

I glanced into the new shoe store, but my focus quickly went to Insomnia Cookies. Oh, what a dangerous dessert shop to have so close by! I lingered for a bit outside of Nhu Avenue, considering how I could justify buying another dress. 

If Conor were with me, I know he’d want to stop for a pint at McNellie’s.

Instead, I turned right and made my way to Esca Vitae, the new European style bakery that I get to call my neighbor!

Y’all, I am so excited to have this bakery so close! When I opened the door, and awkwardly struggled pushing Catalina’s giant stroller across the threshold (clearly an amateur), a delightfully familiar aroma washed over me. The savory hams, buttery pastry, sugary chocolate, and the bread…oh the bread! 

Beautiful ciabattas next to flour coated ryes…it was carbo load heaven! I ordered a latte while I tried to soak it all in. 

To my surprise, my latte arrived in my hands before I finished ordering, looking around, or even paid. I continued to bask in the European goodness as I perused the small market off to the side of the cafe.

From reserves to cooking wine, from pastas to anchovies, there were reminders of Western Europe on every shelf.

In order to get a full idea of their products, I thought it most prudent to order a few different pastries. I decided on a ham and cheese lattice, a chocolate cream puff, and a chocolate chip cannoli. Eager to continue my walk, I got my coffee and pastries to go.

Catalina and I made our way back home, goodies in tow. Don’t worry, I reluctantly shared with Conor when he came home for lunch…and we each enjoyed every last crumb!

I’m excited to see what else Midtown will bring (I’m looking at you, Maples Barbecue and Commonplace Books)!

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