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Five Rules for Chic and Comfy Travel

May 18, 2017 1 Comments

There are so many things to think about before leaving on a trip. I don’t know about you, but I want to use my brain power to plan out the food I’m going to eat, the sights I’m going to see, and the activities I’m going to do. I don’t want to be worried about what to wear on my travel day. Anticipating security checks, flight delays, and being cramped into one seat for hours makes me want to wear sweats and call it a day…it makes it much easier to tuck my legs under my bottom, lean against the window, and start drooling the moment the plane leaves the ground.

When traveling, though, I remind myself that not only is the outfit I wear on my travel day my first outfit at my new destination, it is also part of my entire travel wardrobe. SO, when it comes to travel clothes, comfort and style are an unbeatable combination. In order to save brainpower to daydream about food…and cultural sights…I keep in mind these Five Rules for Chic and Comfy Travel.

  1. Layer UP – Have you ever been stuck sitting on a plane for an hour on the tarmac without air conditioning? Have you ever been shivering in the exit row during a long-haul flight? Did those happened on the same day?! There is no telling what the temperature of the airport or plane are. Whether it be a light cardigan or jacket, I wear lots of light layers, no matter the season. I can shed or add as I need.  
  2. Comfort is key – Tight fitting clothing while sitting for extended periods of time is downright uncomfortable. Opt for breathable fabrics and stretchy but tailored clothing. Try using a button up as a breezy jacket for a comfortable top layer. 
  3. Keep it versatile – While I love a good standout piece, most of the time it is best to travel with pieces that work well together. Packing clothes with a similar color scheme keeps your travel outfit versatile for the whole trip.  
  4. Simple is best – Going through security is one of the most inconvenient parts of traveling by plane. But, because it is necessary, make it easier on yourself. Avoid strappy sandals or extra buckles on shoes and coats. Choose slip-on shoes, like ballet flats or loafers.  
  5. Wear a scarf! – I always have a scarf when I travel, whether its a blanket scarf in the winter or a breezy, light-weight scarf for warmer temps. I use my scarf to add style or color to my outfit, but also as a blanket or pillow. Bonus: a scarf can also easily take the same dress or shirt you wore on the way there, and make it a new outfit on the way back!

My name is Michelle Scaperlanda McWay. After deciding in 2014 to embark on a “year without a plan” with my husband, I learned that our lives are the true adventure. This is a blog about my obsession with food, my fun with style, the beautiful and inspiring places Conor and I explore, the lessons I continually have to relearn, and my struggle with living “a year without a plan.”

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    May 19, 2017

    Extra bonus: a scarf is a quick nursing cover! 🙂